About BBRB


What is BBRB?

  • BBRB is a cocktail brand, we have also expanded into grilled food to fulfil the name


What is the alcohol content in each cocktail?

  •  Each cocktail consists of 12% vodka unless stated otherwise. There may be limited edition drinks that are either rum or gin but this will always be stated on the description before purchasing and at the same percentage. 


 Is BBRB Gluten- Free, Vegetarian and Vegan?

  • BBRB is suitable for those gluten intolerant, vegetarians and vegans as our drinks do not contain any dairy, soy, animal products, nuts or preservatives.


Does BBRB need to be refrigerated?

  • BBRB is best served ice cold, enjoyed on the sofa or sitting in the summers sun.


Is BBRB suitable for diabetics?

  • BBRB is a sweet drink. It isn’t recommended for those that are diabetic and use an insulin.


What is the best before date on BBRB?

  • BBRB tastes best within 3 months after purchase. Each box sent out will have a date stamped which indicates the time it should be consumed within. This date is just a recommend time period and doesn’t necessarily mean that the product will be expired after this date.


Is BBRB packaging recyclable?

  • Yes! This rude boy cares about the environment. Your cocktails and juices are packaged in a plastic bottle, placed in a cardboard box along with a paper ‘thank you card’. All 100% recyclable.



 How do I enter a promo code?

  • Please enter your promo code at the checkout, the price will be updated when you press apply. We may have discount months but this will be applied to your order automatically.


Can multiple codes be used?

  • Yes! If your code permits you to. Each code will have terms and conditions to inform you what can and can’t be used in conjunction with it.


Why isn’t my code working?

  • Your code may be expired or counteracting with another code. Try to apply your codes one at a time. If there’s still no luck please email us at info@bigbellyrudeboy.co.uk and we’ll look into this for you.



 How long does shipping take?

  • All boxes are shipped 1st class with Royal Mail. Orders should take no longer than 3 days to arrive.  As deliveries depend on the pressures of the courier we ask our customers to allow 5-7 business days for the arrival of their products. Please contact us if you have any concerns at  info@bigbellyrudeboy.co.uk


Will I receive tracking information?

  • Yes! You’ll receive an email with your tracking number. Those using paypal, your tracking number will also be visible on your paypal account .


 Other Rude Q’s

 Can you supply an event?

  • Yes! We’re happy to cater to your event. Please book with us on our events page.

  • There you’ll be able to choose your package, the date and time of your event and pay a deposit.


 How can I collaborate with you?

  • We’d love to hear from you. Please send us an email with your RUDE pictures, social media engagement, name and number.